A series of one-hour seminars for the representatives of NGOs to share knowledge, experience, good practices and inspiration (2020-2023). Remote or live meetings with the experts of various backgrounds, answers to the questions submitted by viewers in advance and during the seminar. Seminars are to be broadcasted live to the Facebook Group "NVO džiunglės”.

2022 04 06

How to prepare for the 1.2% tax cut quickly, easily and with the resources available? What is the most important homework to do and what are the most important things to pay attention to in order to attract this specific support from natural persons?


Giedrė Šopaitė-Šilinskienė - Aukok.lt portal manager, co-founder of Fundraising.lt platform

Živilė Pikturnaitė - Aukok.lt brand manager, co-founder of the Fundraising.lt platform.

2021 01 27 WEBINAR

NGO goes digital

Agnietė Preidytė, a graphic designer who teaches at the Vilnius College of Design and conducts trainings on the creation of social media graphic content, will present a free ‘Canva’ program and will navigate the development of social network communication design.

Mantas Janavičius, a representative of the international organization TechSoup, the IT tools providing support to the NGO sector, will tell about the support of IT companies to the non-governmental sector: how to get it and help to use it.

2021 12 07 

Why the reflection? Experience in the life of the organisation.Paul Godvadas. Partner of NGO "Kitokie projektai"

Experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with it. A. Huxley

Let's talk about how experience is shaped in an organisation. When does an organisation become experiential and why take time to reflect on experience?

2020  12 15 WEBINAR

Cactus or dandelion: about your psychological resilience

How fast do you stand up? How do you deal with difficulty? Where do your strength lie? How to be more resilient in everyday life? We will talk about your strength, friendliness and inspiration to move forward.

Interview with Evelina Savickaitė - Kazlauske psychologist, coach psychology specialist, art therapist with 15 years of experience in the non-governmental sector, working in various organizations in Lithuania, the UK, Israel, Denmark and Romania.

2020 11

Data protection

Ona Valainienė, Lawyer, Certified Data Protection Officer

Are data protection requirements relevant to the organisation operating in the NGO sector? What aspects of general data protection are important in your area? Please send us your questions or share the situations that pose challenges in this area. We will prepare a tailored answer for you organisation, which hopefully will help you to meet the data protection requirements.


  1. The concept of personal data
  2. Processing of personal data
  3. Personal data protection requirements
  4. Data controller and data processor status
  5. Records of data processing activities and designation of persons in charge
  6. Internal documents of the organisation
  7. Privacy notice of the organisation
  8. Data protection impact assessment
  9. Personal data breach





2020 10 21 Webinar

Legal Well-being of NGOs

Rytis Jokubauskas, Advocate, Expert at the NGO Law Institute

Only those who have a thorough knowledge of the rules of play can fully engage in it. The knowledge of rules does not ensure a good performance; however, a lack of knowledge can lead to failures or setbacks. Legal requirements applied to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are mandatory rules of play, that NGOs are required to comply with. Some rules are determined by legal acts and some we establish ourselves. Do we always observe these rules though?

The aim of the webinar dedicated to the legal well-being of NGOs is to identify the main legal aspects of the activities of non-governmental organisations. The leader of an NGO must be aware of these aspects and other participants are advised to know them. During the webinar, legal requirements will be analysed and practical advices on how to apply legal requirements in a duly manner, how to address typical legal situations and what mistakes to avoid will be shared.


  • 1.   Legal environment of NGOs
  • 2.   Main articles of incorporation of the NGO:
  • 1.1. Articles of association;
  • 1.2. Memorandum of association;
  • 1.3. Founding meeting minutes.
  • 3.    Internal legal acts of the NGO:
  • 2.1. Protocols;
  • 2.2. Regulations;
  • 2.3. Policies;
  • 2.4. Decisions, etc.
  • 3.   Change of management: key steps
  • 4.   Accountability.


2020 09 28 webinar

Organising online training: practical advices and solutions for NGO sector.

Laimonas Ragauskas and Nerijus Kriaučiūnas, experts of international and online training.

Online meetings and training are not a common format used by the non-governmental organisations. What are the differences between online and live training? What nuances must be taken into account when planning and developing online training? How this innovation can increase opportunities of  target groups in the context of building capacities to take actions and achieve their goals?


  • Features of online training
  • Planning and developing online training activities
  • Challenges and possible solutions of online training
  • Examples of a sound online training