Non-governmental sector organisations are being invited to participate in the training program 'NGO Academy 2021/2022'

'NGO Academy', a year-old capacity building program run by the 'Active Citizens Fund', is starting its second year and inviting everyone to participate. After the graduation of 13 organisations this spring, we are inviting other organisations to participate in the learning process, starting this autumn, which aims to provide all participants with a chance to become change makers in their organisations and communities.

The NGO Academy study module consists of two stages:

●      The first stage is intensive online training that will take place from the 15th - 17th of September 2021. Participating in the first stage training is a mandatory condition to everyone wanting to take part in the second stage half year long training program.

●      The second stage is the half year long training program. 2 or 3 participants from the organisation will be able to choose to participate in one of the two programs consisting of 5 modules: 'Social leaders' or 'Social entrepreneurship' program. Each program lasts 6 months.

The value of the study program per organisation is 4000 EUR.

Terms and conditions for first stage intensive training participants:

●      1 representative individual per organisation.

●      Participating organisations have to have at least 2-3 staff members and/or volunteers.

●      The representative individual has to be a leading worker of the organisation, with the power to make decisions concerning the management of the organisation.

●      Priority will be given to organisations that implement their activities at the local level and/or those who work with ethnic minority communities.

All candidates have to fill the online registration form before the 20th of August.

The chosen participants will be informed using email details provided in the online registration form.

'NGO Academy. 2020/2021' graduates: NGO 'Ne imti, bet duoti' (Vilnius region), NGO 'Socialinės terapijos namai' (Kaunas region), Vilnius children and young people diabetes club 'DIABITĖ' (Vilnius city), family and individual development centre 'Bendrakeleiviai' (Vilnius city), asociation 'Lietuvos skeptiškas jaunimas' (Kaunas city), asociation 'Klaipėdiečių iniciatyva už demokratiją ir ekologiją'(Klaipėda city), NGO 'Būk su manimi' (Mažeikiai region, Bugeniai – Krakiai villages), NGO 'Šv. Jono vaikai'(Trakai region), NGO 'Pasaulio piliečių akademija'(Kaunas city), NGO family center 'Būkime kartu'(Kaunas city and region), NGO 'Gerumo skraistė' (Alytus city), NGO 'Kūrybos ir užimtumo stuba'(Zapyškis village) ir NGO 'Darni socialinė raida' (Vilnius city).


45 representatives of CSOs will be invited to participate in Phase I of the NGO Academy (an intensive practical training). Within this training, participants will have an opportunity to identify the needs and challenges of their organisations, seek possible optimal solutions, and will be provided with further details on the NGO Academy programme.

Selection of participants for the intensive practical training.

Organisations wishing to participate in the intensive practical training must comply with the following requirements:

  • 1 representative per organisation;
  • A representative has to represent the organisation with at least 2-3 employees and/or volunteers;
  • A representative has to represent the organisation with at least 2-3 employees and/or volunteers;
  • Preference will be given to the candidates that represent the organisations operating in regions;
  • Candidates must complete and submit an electronic registration form. Selected candidates will be sent a notification to the email address indicated in the registration.

In 2020 intensive training will take place from 10 to 12 September. 45 representatives of CSOs from across Lithuania will take part in the training. During this training, participants will be presented a change theory, analyse the problems faced by their organisations, identify the needs and challenges of their organisations, seek the most suitable solutions, will be provided with further details on the NGO Academy programme and on the selection conditions for Phase II.

IMPORTANT! Participation in the intensive training is an essential pre-requirement to be selected for the module programme NGO Academy.


Only organisations that took part in Phase I can take part in Phase II. During Phase II, each organisation will be represented by a team of 2-3 representatives. Each year (in 2020 and 2021), 12 teams will be selected to participate in the NGO Academy’s programme of their choice – the Social Leadership Programme or the Social Entrepreneurship Programme.

Selection of participants for the module programme

The module programme consists of the Social Leadership Programme and the Social Entrepreneurship Programme. We invite teams of 6 organisations to participate in each of the proposed programmes. Each team must be composed of 2-3 people. Selection conditions:

  • The representative of the organisation participated in the intensive training.
  • The team is composed of 2-3 members: volunteers and/or employees of the organisation, with at least one of them holding a leading position within the organisation.
  • The team of the organisation is required to fill in and submit an electronic registration form, where it needs to select a programme, present team members, identify challenges and needs, etc.
  • The link to the electronic registration form will be sent to the participants of the intensive training only.

The following selection criteria will be considered during the selection process:

  • organisation operates in a region;
  • impact to the local community;
  • inclusion of vulnerable groups;
  • motivation of the organisation: organisations’ compliance with the themes proposed by the NGO Academy and programme’s compliance with the needs of your organisation.

The team of the organisation may be invited to the online interview, if needed. The selected teams will be informed via email (email address indicated in the registration form will be used for this purpose).

Module programme

6 teams of organisations (in total 15 people, as each team must be composed of 2-3 people) will take part in each of the proposed programmes – the Social Leadership or the Social Entrepreneurship programmes. The topics covered within the modules will be adapted considering the challenges and needs defined by organisations. A module consists of theoretical seminars and practical workshops. Their format and schedule will be discussed and adapted according to the needs of participants and taking into account the ongoing circumstances (e.g. seminars and workshops can take place only online subject to restrictions arising from the outbreak of COVID-19). One-to-one consultations with lecturers are envisaged for the maximum benefit. Each programme will offer 5 learning modules. Upon completion of the module, the organisation will have a practical work result. The duration of the programme is 6 months.

Social Leadership Programme includes the following modules:

Social Entrepreneurship Programme includes the following modules: